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Galaxy Quest by DKF Galaxy Quest by DKF

Was working on this in the weekend and finished it today. I think i put in most of my skills, making the galaxy itself was quite a hard thing to do but i think it came out ok. Everything apart from the asteroids were made with photoshop. This is more the darker side of space art wich i love to do. You can put so much depth and contrast in these pieces it just never bores me to do them. I didn't place a title on this one couse i think it would take away to much atention of the piece. Well let me know what you think, comments and favs are appreciated as always ;)

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Leopold002 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I like it!
bishop2z3z Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011
Out Standing...
PrinceOfAllSayins Featured By Owner May 26, 2010
Awesome galaxy

Would you mind if i used this for a manipulation? I would give credit
DKF Featured By Owner May 27, 2010
Thank you for the comment.

I would mind. I don't want my work modified or manipulated in any way! Sorry.
PrinceOfAllSayins Featured By Owner May 27, 2010
Ok not a problem
mmariana Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2009
absolute beautiful!
EvilRadius Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2009
definitely a +fav
NKVGBD Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
Featured here [link] =D
Nickmeister Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2008
really excellent work.
sumopiggy Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2008   Digital Artist
Wow how have I not seen this piece before now! As always, your amazing attention to detail and the realism you've accomplished is faultless. There's so much to look at and so many tiny immaculate details to explore. Beautiful work!
DKF Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2008
tnx man, i appreciate it :thumbsup:
AFIsecretninja Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2007
mark-san Featured By Owner May 15, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
hey, i love your work =] can you tell me what programs youre using? im so curious
the-grayfox Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2007
awesome, just aweomse.hey, would you mind if I use that image for my band's myspace profile ?
DKF Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2007
Go ahead. Just give me credit. That's all i ask ;)
the-grayfox Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2007
blue-eyed-assasin Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2007
:wow: thats amazing! :jawdrop:
the sense of size is mad!
Baro Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2007
i thought i faved this ages ago. well it's never too late i guess :P
3rdENERGY Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2006
that's amazing, really
DeepKick Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2006  Professional Photographer
the planet lloks awesome and so does the asteroids and shooting star, but i would just get rid of the planet ring, apart from that :+fav:
ale-designs Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2006
11/10 :+fav: love it and is a very good work ;)
xRed-thunderDragoNx Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2006
thats fucking awesome
i've seen this piece so many times, but didnt see it's magnificient before

those asteroids are so so!!
i was always a fan of your asteroid renders, you know :D

i think i'll have to agree with absolutehalo
everything is so well placed, but that planet, and specially that ring... they look very weird

to finish this up, the starifeld, gorgeous

i know it's an old piece of art made by you, but i just had to do it ^^;
DKF Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2006
tnx man, appreciated :thumbsup:
Nickmeister Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2006
Excellent work
Isarl Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2006
This is stunning. As is often the case in your work and that of other talented artists in the genre, the amount of detail and effort put into this piece really stands out.

If I might make one comment.. I'm not entirely sure, not being an expert on it, but from the technical side of things, I think that the bit of the planet's ring that crosses the galaxy in the background would obscure the light from the galaxy, and cut across it. The portion of the ring that does this, but is closer to the viewer is quite a bit more opaque, and more completely blocks the light from the edge of the galaxy, but just because the other part of the ring is farther from the viewer doesn't lend it any less opacity. The amount galaxy light shining through the ring confuses the viewer as to which object is in the foreground.
Well, it confused me anyway.

I'm an easily confused guy. ;)

Back on topic; that's some beautiful art. Good job!
DKF Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2006
You got a good point here. It is a bit confusing. I'll take that in concederation in new pieces.
AngelForMe Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
wiiiiiiiiiiiiii...supppper :D
daniel245 Featured By Owner May 28, 2006
wow i love it :D +fav for you!
Virtical Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2006
i must say.

very atractive :D
feni0x Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Veary nice dude, really dig the galaxy, at frist i dident enjoy all the astorieds i would have liked to have scene blank space, but after awhile of looking at it i started to enjoy them being there, expesaly with the planet it would have looked rather odd.
exalent textureing of the planet and the galaxy
nice work m8
environaut Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2006
This is seriously impressive. I just love all the asteroids...and that galaxy is immense! The sheer scale of this is'd make one hell of a poster! ;) Love that planet very well detailed. One tiny thing that jumped out at me is that shooting star (if it's a shooting star). Typically shooting stars are meteors that are burning up in a planet's atmosphere, however in this case it looks like it's in space. Of course, maybe you intended it to be a comet...or a spaceship with a trail of some sort of exhaust. ;) LOL...I don't know why I'm critiquing this...I have no technical expertise in this area. I just know I love your work...and am always impressed with it. :) Keep it up, bud. It's certainly inspiring to me. :D :+fav:
DKF Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2006
tnx, man. Yea, i don't really know what that star/metheor/spaceship or thing is, it just looked cool and gives a little imagination to the viewer as well ;)
environaut Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2006
It definitely looks cool...and definitely got my imagination going...LOL! :D Bravo, man. :thumbsup:
DVeditor Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Great work like usual - I really like the detail when you zoom in all the way and the way you controlled the lighting. Keep it up! :D
tigaer Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
that's nice here :) good lighting work!
chefc Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2006
Great Work :+fav: :nod:
scorpyan Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2006   Digital Artist
very nice work !!!!!!
DawnPaladin Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2006
YAY! *sings the Galaxy Quest theme song*

WitheringIntuition Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2006   Digital Artist
That's the best planet I've seen on DA for sure. This is awesome!:)
Eclipse-CJ3 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2006
I love everything except the placement of the planet (agree with absolutehalo) it might look better if you added a couple small planets in there, but to me the big planet just doesnt fit into the picture like it should, maybe if there was more dust it would, but other than the planet this peice is amazing!

I love the asteriod field and light. Awesome job, just not your best.
DKF Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2006
tnx for the comment. i'll try to pay more attention to the placement of several objectis in the future ;)
19-10 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2006
:) I really enjoyed reading absoluthealo's and samodj's comments. I think that the planet would have fit in better if, as absolutehalo said, the shadow side had been a bit lighter. But perhaps a color change might do the trick to. Ik denk trouwens dat misschien voor die planeet een andere texture beter was. Meer als een soort grote steen, dat zou denk ik meer recht doen aan het gevoel van de hele piece. Bij al die asteroiden en planeetringen moet ik niet meteen denken aan planeet met water. Maar, begrijp me niet verkeerd, de planeet is prachtig opzichzelf en die ringen zijn echt heerlijk: ik zou ze zo op willen eten. Great use of the lensflare, it really works here. Apart from the planet thing, this is bloody awesome. Keep it up, mate!
Ik ben halverwege maar op Nederlands overgegaan, dan kon ik beter uitleggen wat ik wilde zeggen.
DKF Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2006
Tnx for the input. Ik zal kijken of ik er wat mee kan bij mijn volgende werken ;)
Bareck Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2006
aweshome work as usual, good eyecandy
vissroid Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2006
in the words of those guys that are in that beer com' "brilliant!!"

I believe this deserves a fav from me(and thats sayin alot) :P

keep this up man I loving it
finalnight Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2006
Please take you bow dude, this should be featured on this site for its realism. I kind of understand what absolutehalo was talking about but then again I think this piece would be so empty without the planet. The detail on the planet is awesome by the way. I love how your planet rings actully look like rocks and not like you used the noise filter. :clap: Stunning piece. But what really catches me is the depth and spacing of the asteroids.

hands down :+fav:
CrAzYmOnKeY Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2006
awesome stuff the setup :clap:
madbrainsurgeon Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rather nifty man love it
stickersticker Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is very original. I really like it!
rushpoint Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2006
stunning work!
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